Are You Willing to Come to Life for Your Business? The 7 Reasons to Be a Conscious Entrepreneur

Warren Bennis, a founder in leadership development, says, Leadership is about becoming more of yourselfits just that simpleand just that difficult.

So, who would you be if you got everything you want from your business?

Who would you be if you failed and had to settle for an average life?

Those are not easy questions. I invite you to take a full minute, close your eyes… and breathe deeply…

Look down into your heart and belly and really consider “success”…then “failure”… and see what comes up.

Please notice how you feel.

Finished? Now, please come into the present moment. Feel your feet press against the floor, squeeze your legs slight toward one another and sit up as tall as you can. Take a long complete exhale and then wait as long as you can until your body insists on inhaling. Let that breath enter, lift and fill you COMPLETELY. Repeat that a few times letting your body move as it’s inspired to as you inhale.

Now, sitting tall and probably buzzing with energy, compare how you feel now to how you felt when you were thinking the best possible thoughts and the worst possible thoughts.

I imagine the here and now moment, using these right tools to energize and produce an empowering posture, dramatically exceeds either the best or worst experience in the thinking world.

This is the choice I invite you to explore as an executive and leader in your life and organization. To choose the shift from chasing the phantoms of your mind to actually living in connection with reality, purpose and passion. What if you did what you actually dream of rather than settling for a strategy based on fear and desire thinking?

Money is in fact, just a meaningless, collectively held delusion and intangible social construct. Ask any rich person and they’ll tell you having it does not make one happy. Just like anger past 30 seconds is ego, anything more than enough money to live comfortably is ego and ultimately empty of long-term meaning.

Why do you do what you do? What is your real purpose? Making more money? Isn’t wanting money really about something else; safety, power, sex, a compensation for some insecurity?

I suggest you not chase the illusion of money, however brightly advertising draws you – instead create something real, lasting, important to you and fulfilling for those who buy from you. Our world is made toxic by materialism – when things are valued more than people, when people are used and things are loved.

Please consider using your skills to produce products, services, living or working conditions of value, and that you can sell or institute to counter these meaningful challenges:

  1. How we are overwhelmed by stress and distraction.
  1. That we rarely or never receive enough love and connection.
  1. That we are alienated from nature.
  1. That we are alienated from one another.
  1. That we are alienated from our work.
  1. That we are alienated from ourselves.
  1.  Our culture values power and privilege more than truth and justice.

As a former business partner of mine once quipped, “We’re smart too!”You are smart too, and on your death bed you’ll be happier if you’ve used your gifts and talents to create successful services, products and organizational values that help this be a better world.

Since you are smart, you know you don’t want to die at your desk or wait until you retire to live. You cant take it with you. Family and fraternity are more valuable than financials and futures. Even if you win the rat race you’re still a rat. What goes up must come down. Life is like a box of chocolates…;-)

Sweet, then how do you beat this rigged game? Decide. Decide what you really want! What’s the thing that can connect what you’ve wanted to do or be since you were a child with what you’ll want to have done as you look around knowing its your last breath? That’s another biggie and requires some breaths and introspection.

Take your time. Really! Get off the accomplishment express for more than a minute. Dial down the volume in your brain and body. Be here more than do there. Pause as long as you can after your next exhale…Welcome the breath your body insists you take in along with all the delicious energy it contains. Do it again if you didn’t feel a rush. And again, until you do. 😉

So what do you REALLY want? If you knew you couldn’t fail and it didn’t matter how much money you made. Now go figure out how to do the closest thing like that right here and now in whatever circumstances you’re in. It is not impossible to turn your life into an adventure right here and now. That energetic breath experience is your teacher.

Clients are always amazed by what energy and inspiration is available right here and now if they allow themselves to escape the prison of I don’t know…I don’t think it’s possible…what if I’m not good enough…they won’t let me…they won’t like me anymore if I do…I don’t have the right degrees or education…And take a real, full, deep breath of life!

You, the leader and entrepreneur, even you accept the harness and hobbles of I have to succeed in their eyes…prove I’m good enough to my Dad…convince everyone I know…work harder than everyone, be an example.

None of it is true. The ideas and issues in your head are all propaganda. The ONLY thing that is TRUE is you are here and it is now. We make up the rest, ALL of it. So make up something amazing, something that will make the childhood dream connect with the death bed wish and create the best life and business ever.

All it requires is a gentle but ruthless willingness to become more of yourself…it’s just that simple…and just that difficult.


Take action!

Jan Hutchins executive coach mayor of Los Gatos TV anchor yoga teacherThe author, Jan Hutchins, is an executive coach and mentor who along with his wife Olga Kostrova train entrepreneurs and executives.

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