Business Management Coaching & Corporate Coaching Controversies

Business Management Coaching & Corporate Coaching Controversies

It has been stated by some people that there is very little argument concerning business management coaching experts who need to stay abreast with the latest developments in technology and training methods, if they are to improve the performance of various individuals (be they athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, upcoming entertainers). There is also little argument regarding the fact that the advancements in technology and sports training methods are underpinned by sports or corporate coaching science research. ‘Yet despite this contribution from research there has been a long held perception amongst some coaches and scientists that research has often been conducted in areas of little interest to coaches and that the results of research are presented through forum inappropriate for coaches’. (

A survey has been conducted in Australia in order to determine the perceived research needs of elite coaches. The questions which have been asked revolved around the issue of practical application of research in sports, corporate coaching and business management coaching, information seeking/dissemination strategies, sports science knowledge of coaches, qualities valued in coaches and researchers.  The responses to the survey weren’t exactly divergent. It has been discovered that the importance of research is unquestionable. What is more, coaches and researchers agreed that they highly need an appropriate knowledge of sports science. You ought to keep in mind that the survey also brought about the discussion of ‘mental preparation of individuals’, this being considered the area that coaches in which they did not feel very sure or have a hands-on approach.

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