Corporate Coaching Statistics – What To Ask From The Best Executive Coaches

Corporate Coaching Statistics – What To Ask From The Best Executive Coaches

Do you wish to know about what the best executive coaches can offer you? Would you like to find out about the benefits brought by corporate coaching? According to the American Management Association report on current trends and future possibilities of corporate coaching (2008- 2018), there are four important groups of employees who always appeal to executive coaching services. The list includes the following:

  1. High potentials
  2. Executives
  3. Expatriates
  4. Problem Employees

While the first group has the highest possible percentage, namely 60%, the ones which rarely appeal to a professional business coach are expatriates, namely 7%. The other two categories are rather close and similar to each other when it comes to percentages, the executives totaling 42%, whilst the problem employees- 37%.

Another survey has put a lot of focus on the purpose of coaching. 87% of respondents claimed that they have sought help from the best executive coaches to improve performance or productivity, 82% wanted to address leadership development and succession planning, 61% to improve organizational performance, whilst the remaining category, namely 60% used and continues to uses coaching to increase individual worker skill levels.

Furthermore, the question of how coaches are assigned to employees comes up. Studies show that ‘gender and age are rarely the basis for that decision. However, alignment between the coach’s expertise and the problem to be solved was deemed important or very important 93% of the time. Additionally, when matching coach and coachee was based on the coach’s expertise, the correlation with ultimate coaching success was positive and significant. Another factor worth considering is the extent to which the coach and coachee have compatible personalities. Two-thirds of respondents thought getting a fit between personalities was a highly valuable exercise. These results follow the same pattern as in the North American sample, with the international sample rating the coach’s expertise and personality as slightly more important criteria.’

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