Corporate Executive Coaching & Career Coaching San Francisco Findings

Corporate Executive Coaching & Career Coaching San Francisco Findings

AMA or the American Management Association has conducted a serious analysis of corporate executive coaching in order to see the promises and perils that come along. The study of career coaching San Francisco, San Diego, New York, St. Paul, Concord, Lincoln or Trenton has revealed a lot of essential information regarding the benefits of coaching or how many appeal to it.

AMA has provided a definition for corporate executive coaching, stating that it is a short-to-medium term relationship between a manager or senior leader and a consultant (internal or external) with the purpose of improving work performance. The Corporate Productivity team has asked respondents several questions regarding peer coaching, career coaching San Francisco or leadership coaching, in which each participant acts as both coach and coachee.

Among the most interesting findings from the year of 2008, we can bear in mind the following:

  • Coaching is used by only about half of today’s businesses. In the North American sample, 52% have claimed to appeal to coaching. Internationally speaking, the percentage goes no higher than 55%
  • Coaching continues to gain in popularity. Among those questioned who have stated that their company does not have coaching programs yet, a sizable proportion (almost 40% in the North American sample and approximately 60% in the international sample) say such problems will definitely be implemented in the future
  • Coaching is associated with higher performance. Those who use coaching more than in the past are also more likely to report two kinds of advantages, namely: – they are more likely to report that their organizations have higher levels of success in the area of coaching; – they are more likely to say that their organizations are performing well in the market, as determined by self-reports in the combined areas of revenue growth, market share, profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Coaching is primarily aimed at boosting individual performance

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