Executive Business Coaching Advantages : Coaching Managers And Bringing Them Closer To Personal Fulfillment

 Executive Business Coaching Advantages : Coaching Managers And Bringing Them Closer To Personal FulfillmentCoaching managers has become a new trend in today’s society or in the business world of the 21st century, to be more precise. But how many choose to appeal to executive business coaching or life coaches? A survey on the topic of business coaching conducted by Stanford and the executive coaching firm called The Miles Group has had more than 200 respondents, including CEOs, board directors and senior directors of public and private companies in North America. The results were the following: ‘Almost 66% of CEOs get no coaching or leadership advice from outside consultants; a full 100% of bosses say they would be receptive to making changes based on feedback; nearly 80% of directors say their CEO would welcome coaching’ ( Forbes, ‘CEOs Just Want To Get Coached’ by Susan Adams).

These findings can prove that the vast majority of bosses say they wish that they get executive business coaching advice. What is extremely important to bear in mind is the fact that coaching managers and getting feedback or guidance from a professional can not only boost your confidence level as a CEO and take your company to the next level, but also help you considerably in evolving as an individual. After receiving advice and training from an executive business coaching expert, you can definitely bring out your ‘best’self!

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