Executive Business Coaching Answers: Which Project Coaching Specialists To Choose

Executive Business Coaching Answers: Which Project Coaching Specialists To Choose

Until very recently executive coaches were always external to a company or organization, however the situation has changed and more and more CEOs or entrepreneurs seek help from professional internal executive business coaching specialists.

Project coaching has certainly undergone a fast-paced development, the number of managers who use the help and support of project coaching increasing dramatically. According to a recent study, a total of more than 20% of organizations put their faith on internal coaches.What it important to bear in mind is that internal coaching has adopted the following definition: ‘a one-on-one developmental intervention supported by the organization and provided by a colleague of those coached who is trusted to shape and deliver a program yielding individual professional growth. Team builders, organization effectiveness consultants (internal), and trainers may engage in activities similar to those of internal coaches. However, because they work with groups and define goals organizationally, those professionals do not fit the definition of an internal coach’ (Frisch, opm.gov/).  But the question remains: how do CEOs manage to choose between internal and external coaches? Here are a few pros and cons to help you make up your mind:

–          Internal coaches often provide lower costs of service and exhibit more consistency

–          External project coaching specialists, however, are preferred more due to their objectivity, fresher ideas and perspectives

–          Internal business coaching experts offer more flexibility and can truly observe leaders in action on a daily basis

–          External coaches are more credible than internal ones

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