Executive Business Coaching Overview – What Is Workplace Coaching

Executive Business Coaching Overview – What Is Workplace Coaching

Perhaps each and every one of us has some sort of knowledge regarding executive business coaching. The origins of workplace coaching can be traced way back in the 19th century. Etymologically, the word ‘coaching’ comes from Hungarian ‘kocsi’ (meaning ‘carriage), after Kocs, a town of northwest Hungary (where a type of carriages were first made). It was then used in England as slang for tutoring or mentoring (referring, thus, to ‘taking’ one from where he is to where he must be). It became a serious practice and discipline, appealing to anyone, establishing in time in particular to the sports domain and attitudes of athletes.

In our century, executive business coaching has certainly seen a great development, becoming an indispensable practice in companies. To be more precise, this started to shape itself as a responsibility CEOs must take for motivating and inspiring all employees and address work performance. Workplace coaching has certainly become an integral aspect of leadership development, more and more entrepreneurs showing their interest to hire a professional coach to guide them.

If you are thinking of the advantages that business coaching or workplace coaching brings, then you can keep in mind the following:

  • Pointing to blind spots and offering assistance to improve them
  • Changing destructive thinking patterns that lead to counterproductive actions
  • Boosting our confidence level
  • Making us see what goes on in the business world and fully comprehend what our future steps should be
  • Pushing us to use various tricks or strategies to stay above the competition and attract new clients

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