Executive Coaching And Mentoring On The Biggest CEO Challenges

Executive Coaching And Mentoring On The Biggest CEO Challenges

CEO challenges are certainly different from the ordinary ones which put people under a lot of stress and anxiety. However, Executive Coaching and Mentoring can help you deal with such business issues which do not fail to come around, like in every aspect of our life. They tend to make their way through in each and every activity we undertake and each and every important moment. How can you master the art of efficiently handling them?

Among many other CEO challenges which irritate CEOs, the biggest ones are connected to the following: how to stay above the competition, how to efficiently promote your services, how to attract new clients and how to hire solely the right people. The article by Jamie McCourt, former chief executive of the Los Angeles Dodgers, tackles exactly this: the level of difficulty with which CEOs scout the market and get new talent. The writer starts with a valuable key-phrase: ’Ask any CEO what their biggest challenge is and they will tell you it’s finding the right talent.’

The main advice is to have in mind baseball scouting. First and foremost, one has to identify all the right people, then walk the extra mile and look for those who bring a new idea, those who are passionate and brave enough to go on any race, those envisioning new opportunities. It becomes less difficult once you develop the skill to read into individuals’ culture, mottoes, drives or beliefs. You may find a hundred qualified men and women with an exceptional background, great education and extracurricular activities to astonish everyone. Searching for remarkable qualities, not the quantity of classes taken up in college – that is the challenge!

When things get a bit complicated for you and you find this job a bit difficult, then you can always seek help from an Executive Coaching and Mentoring professional. Bear in mind that such a business coach can help you make a change in your company, as well as in your life. ‘Just as with a nutrition or fitness coach, you have to expect to do significant work yourself to achieve your goals. The coach is a partner, not a caretaker.’(Fortune Magazine, Career coaches: When are they worth their salt?’ by Katherine Reynolds Lewis). Professional success is not the only thing that matters. Personal fulfillment, a harmonious change of pace and of attitude, as well as altering destructive thinking patterns that lead to counterproductive actions are also of utmost importance.

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