Executive Coaching Los Angeles & Career Coaching San Diego Tips : Making the Shift From Founder to CEO

Executive Coaching Los Angeles & Career Coaching San Diego Tips : Making the Shift From Founder to CEO

Missteps in the business or executive coaching los angeles plan can indeed be extremely hard to cope with, especially since the founder of the company tends to blame all the others, when, in fact, it can be his own fault. Career coaching San Diego specialists (based in San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area, California with clients in Akron, Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown, Canton and cities in other states like California, New York, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Utah and more) teach us that we must never see others guilty when we have not given in 110%.

The general perception picked up by executive coaching Los Angeles and career coaching San Diego experts is this: stagnation or bankruptcy is caused not by the mismanagement of the founder of the organization or company, but by the combination of a weak marketing team, intelligent moves by competitors and decline of interest from the team members. ‘To find the cause of decline or stagnation, the founder need look no further than the mirror. Think of it like this: The initial success and traction was a result of your intellect, passion, vision, hubris and work ethic. You were responsible. If you are currently facing stagnation, however, you cannot escape responsibility now.’ (Entrepreneur, ‘The Problem With Your Business Is You: Making the Shift From Founder to CEO’ by Darrell Kopke)

However, one must try to make a significant transformation from being a founder to being a responsible CEO who will go above and beyond to remediate any problem and help the company rise again to success. Value your time and try to see this action of reviving your business not as a hard task, but something you can enjoy, a good challenge to see if you are capable of reinventing yourself. Often times, founders and even CEOs who cannot work with passion, pleasure and not bury themselves with hard work become bottlenecks to the growth of their organizations.

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