Learn About Executive Coaching Connections And What Do Executive Coaches Do

Learn About Executive Coaching Connections And What Do Executive Coaches Do

Many people have no idea what do executive coaches do or how many or what type of executive coaching connections are there. However, if you run a quick search on the Internet, you would be able to find out what an executive coach does and how he can help you out tremendously.

Before learning what do executive coaches do or how they form executive coaching connections, it is essential to trace the origins of coaching. The English word ‘coach’ comes from a Hungarian term that is used to designate a means of transportation, namely ‘carriage’ (kocsi), which received its name from the village where it was first made. This was used in the 19th century in Oxford University as slang, referring to the way in which a tutor prepares a student for an exam or how he ‘carries’ him on the road to extended knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, coaching has started to be used in English in order to define the process to ‘transport’ individuals from where they are to where they wish or deserve to be.

The evolution of coaching has been greatly shaped by a vast array of fields of study (such as sports, social, organizational or clinical development), as well as leadership practices. Around the 1990s was the moment in which coaching has managed to develop into a more independent and broadly studied discipline. Furthermore, in time, numerous associations and organizations that focused on coaching emerged. The list includes the following: Association for Coaching, the International Coach Federation, the European Coaching and Mentoring Council and so on and so forth. These have brought an enormous contribution to the study of this discipline, as they have developed a set of training standards.  Today, a lot of people seek help from a life or personal coach and, when it comes to business consulting, six out of ten CEOs hire a coach do guide them in the process of achieving success.

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