Olga Kostrova & Jan Hutchins launch Smartup IT! Ventures

smartup it ventures - startup accelerator & investment fund silicon valleySilicon Valley executive coaching team lead by Olga Kostrova & Jan Hutchins launch Smartup IT! Ventures.

Smartup IT! Ventures is a unique start-up accelerator known for these core OPERATING PRINCIPLES:

1.SILICON VALLEY / HOLLYWOOD COMBO. We combine Silicon Valley and its technology ecosystem with the Hollywood ecosystem and its access to celebrity endorsed, celebrity founded or co-invested projects. Investors in our syndicate can not only enjoy what Hollywood has to offer (chic lifestyle – mingling, partying and sharing experiences with world class talents) but also boost the value of portfolio companies through entertainment stars giving exposure and status to promoted products and tech innovations.

2.EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE PROGRAMS FOR FOUNDERS. We focus on supporting founding teams that are committed to excellence and exercising emotional intelligence by working with our executive coaching team. Our transformational coaches help start-up founders reach their peak performance levels which lead to better strategic and tactical decisions and increase stamina for balancing long work hours and healthy lifestyles.

3.SALES & MARKETING TRAINING FOR FOUNDERS.  Since many companies are founded by dreamers with technical expertise, we find it critical for them to learn stronger business acumen and get extensive training in sales and marketing, so they get market validation before making investments in hiring sales, marketing and customer service staff.  We train them to learn our proprietary sales methodology – “COACHING STYLE SELLING” that helps to access the subconscious mind of prospects and addresses their deepest reservations about a purchase.

4.SEED INVESTMENT IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. We support technology development by investing tech resources into selected projects. The accelerator focuses on co-investing in early stage start-ups with MVP developed, those who seek resources for product completion. We focus on companies that have demonstrated market demand through metrics supported research and data driven tests.

5.INVESTMENT THROUGH SYNDICATION & CROWDFUNDING. We utilize crowdfunded syndication to take advantage of publicity generated by celebrity involvement, and the collected expertise the syndication process and platforms offer.

6.EXIT CONSULTING: We assist our start-ups with technology commercialization, strategic acquisitions and value added mergers.

7.ADVISORY BOARD WITH DOMAIN EXPERTISE. We help selected start-ups build strong advisory boards with industry experts who bring a track record of building successful companies, building strategic partnerships, and hiring great talent.