Workplace Coaching And Career Coaching For Leaders

Workplace Coaching And Career Coaching For Leaders

There is always a cure when it comes to negative emotions and depression related to conducting business. We might feel the need to appeal to workplace coaching or life and career coaching for leaders. Although it may sound strange for a businessman to suffer from anxiety or sadness, it is quite common for a CEO to think negatively and to feel a lot of peer pressure when it comes to meeting deadlines, speaking in front of a crowd, forming important bonds or being in charge of work shadowing and preparing special trainings for his new employees. Career coaching for leaders, however, is what does the trick!

An essential thing which needs to be highlighted is the fact that, as difficult as it may sound to eliminate negative emotions and let go of grudges, sadness, depression or low self-esteem, this must be done in order to put your life back in order.

In a 2001 Yale University School of Management study, Dr. Sigal Barsade reported that not only are emotions contagious, but negative emotions will cost you big if left alone. (…) Negative emotions are: more contagious than positive ones. There is nothing more combustible than a good rumor, especially if there is scandal involved. This leads to hours of work stoppage, whispered secrets and mild organizational sabotage; are more readily believed than positive ones. We quickly brush off a compliment, but conversely are offended if someone tells us we don’t look so good. We spend about triple the amount of time on negative emotions; narrow a person’s focus. This can be an asset unless you’re in permanent survival mode, which leads to less innovation and more protectionism; are unpleasant. People tend to avoid negative feeling and any place that harbors them. This affects loyalty; lead to validation. We often dig up blame about the past and/or things that can’t be changed or controlled.’ (Entrepreneur, ‘Identify and Cure Negative Workplace Attitudes’ by Scott Halford)

If you focus hard enough and benefit from workplace coaching or life and career coaching for leaders, then you will succeed in finding good things to get you and your team excited, to collaborate in a harmonious manner and to be creative. The ticket to success is represented by positive emotions, innovations, increased loyalty and a fun and positive workplace.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of being positive, then you should definitely call us and book an introductory session with one of our Executive Coaches! We can guarantee that this session will be a truly transformational experience and everything you learn will benefit you tremendously!

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